BioGaT – advantages

leave_small avoiding the tar problem leave_small superior electrical efficiency
  Don’t spend your money on chemical agents to wash tar out of the producer gas and on disposing of them after use, not to speak of the high maintenance cost of your washing facility. BioGaT’s elegant concept of using a gas turbine avoids the problem entirely. See more…   You no longer need to build a 50 MW power plant in order to reach efficiencies of 30%. BioGaT delivers it right there at a fraction of the size of large-scale power plants. See more…
leave_small extensive fuel flexibility leave_small decentralized power generation
  Are you tired of handpicking the feedstock because your gasification plant is too sensitive? BioGaT’s bubbling fluidized-bed gasification reactor is able to gasifiy whatever it is given. See more…   No more need for truckloads of feedstock criss-crossing the continent: you can use any locally-available feedstock, thanks to the smaller scale of the BioGaT units.